Pendragon Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of representatives from the school and the community it serves. These representative are: the Headteacher, one governor appointed by the Local Authority, four Parent Governors elected by you, the parents, and seven Co-opted governors, including the Deputy Headteacher, selected for their knowledge and skills. Together, we help set the school’s aims and values and are responsible for some staff appointments, including the Head. Many of our responsibilities carry a statutory requirement which means we are obliged by law to do things such as agree the annual budget. Our role is sometimes described as a “critical friend”. This does not mean that we are there to criticise the Head or the school, but rather we try to ask questions to gain a greater understanding of the school and to thus help it improve.

The role of the Governing Body is crucial for the effective leadership and management of the school. It complements the professional element provided by the Head Teacher and senior staff by bringing a range of perspectives to bear on issues facing the school. We do not become involved in the day to day management of the school – this is the Head Teacher’s responsibility; however, we do hold the Head Teacher to account for the performance of the school.

We have six committees which typically meet twice every term - Finance, Personnel, Standards, Pre-school, Pupil Premium & SEND and Premises (which includes Health and Safety). In addition we hold a full meeting of the Governing Body 6 times a year and carry out monitoring visits throughout the year. 

We’re all a pretty friendly bunch - a number of us are parents and can regularly be seen on the school run. Please feel free to stop any one of us with any question you might have about the school. If we don’t know the answer there and then, we’ll know someone who does. You may also write to us - just hand your letter in to the office and they will forward it or e-mail to

Being a governor requires time and commitment – but it is hugely rewarding. 

  • Miss Shaw


    Committees: Finance, Personnel, Premises, Pre-School, Standards
    Chair of Pre-School Committee

  • Ian Critten

    Vice Chair of Governors - Co-opted Governor

    Committees: Finance & Premises
    Chair of Finance
    Additional responsibilities: Governor Training, Headteacher's Performance Management

  • Anya Poole

    Co-opted Governor

    Committees: Personnel & Pre-school
    Chair of Personnel
    Additional Responsibilities: Staff wellbeing, Safer Recruitment, Induction and Exit/NQT interviews, Salary review

  • Kim Robichaud

    Parent Governor

    Committees: Finance, Standards & Pupil Premium & SEND
    Chair of Pupil Premium & SEND Committee
    Additional Responsibilities: Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)
    Safeguarding Governor, Pupil Premium

  • Stuart Umney

    Local Authority Governor

    Committees: Finance & Standards
    Additional Responsibilities: Headteacher's Performance Management

  • Steph Easter

    Associate Governor

    Committees: Premises, Health & Safety

  • Staff Governor