How do I ask for help with any aspect of school life?

If your child has a problem in school, however small, the first thing to do is speak to your child's class teacher. We cannot solve problems we do not know about.
Teachers are available after school every day for a quick chat or a longer appointment can be organised - just e-mail or call the school office.
Formal Parent / Teacher consultation meetings happen twice a year, just before October and February half terms. There is an opportunity to come in and see your child's work after class assemblies and at our Summer Term open afternoon. Staff members are on the duty at the school gates every morning until 8:50.
Staff contact details can be accessed through the links below:
Mrs Dailly has overall responsibility for children with special educational needs or disabilities in school. All information regarding SEND at Pendragon and within Cambridgeshire can be accessed on the SEND pages of our website.
Formal complaint procedure
The formal Complaints Procedure will not normally be accessed unless the Headteacher has first been given the opportunity to discuss the matter with the complainant, either by telephone or, preferably, in person. Where the Headteacher is unable to resolve matters through discussion, the parent will be asked if they wish to make a formal complaint to the Headteacher. This complaint should be made in writing using the formal School Complaints Form at the end of this document.
These documents can be accessed on the Policies and Guidance page of our website.