Internet Safety( E Safety)

“Since opportunities and risks online go hand in hand, efforts to increase opportunities may also increase risks, while efforts to reduce risks may restrict children’s opportunities. A careful balancing act, which recognises children’s online experiences ‘in the round’, is vital."
EU Kids Online
Being safe online and behaving responsibly are important aspects of using the Internet and online technologies effectively. At Pendragon Primary School we follow the ACE Scheme, giving our young learners the opportunity to show that they are adopting safe behaviours and deserve to be awarded the Accredited Competence in E-Safety certificate at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.
The scheme is used initially in conjunction with the Starz+ primary Learning Platform but essentially the skills, knowledge and behaviours covered should apply anytime, anywhere and with all technologies. The scheme aims to unify knowledge, understanding and application of e-safety procedures through attainment of bronze, silver and gold level awards for their online activity.
Given that different technologies involve different risks, the scheme aims to not only help children to understand the risks, but to manage them and show through a series of tasks that they are learning how to manage their online safety effectively. There are some complex messages for the very youngest children to assimilate but we believe that it is never too early to start modelling and teaching children safe lifelong behaviours in the same way we do in other aspects of their daily lives.