We will only administer oral medicines in liquid / tablet form that have been prescribed by a medical practitioner, and are required 4 x day ( 3 x can be organised around the school day) . Medicines must be in the prescribed container, clearly marked with the child’s name, the date, the type of medicine and the quantity and frequency of the dose. We will only accept responsibility for administering medicines during the school day upon completion of an Administration of Medicines Consent Form. Medicines such as asthma inhalers that the child needs to have closely at hand during the day can be stored in an agreed place in the classroom. In these cases we request that an Asthma form be completed. If your child requires any long term medication, please can you contact Mrs Dailly, our SENCo to arrange a meeting.

 It is important that you alert us immediately, if there are any changes to your child's medical requirements.
Trained first aiders are available at the school.