School Opening Times

Foundation Stage
The side gate by Foundation stage opens at 8.45am for parents to bring their children in. Foundation Stage finish at 3.10pm so that you have time to walk around to the main playground to pick up other family members.
Years 1-6
The main school gates are opened at 8.40am. Children arriving at school are expected to go straight into class. The classroom doors and gates will be locked at 8.55am.
School finishes at 3.15pm. Parents collecting children should wait outside the school gates until 3.10pm and then are welcome to come onto the playground to meet their children. Keystage 1 staff will not allow the children to leave unless they can see you!
Late Arrivals
Children arriving after 8.55am should report to the school office where they will be required to sign into school as they will have missed registration.
Organisation of the School Day
Each class organises their day according to the needs of the children and to be able to deliver the curriculum effectively. There is a whole school assembly at the end of each afternoon, apart from SIng-Up days. All pupils have a morning break and Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have an additional afternoon break.
Foundation: 12:00 - 13:05
KS1:            12:10 - 13:05
KS2:            12:20 - 13:05
Assembly timetable


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




Sing up 9.00am  

and 11.15am

2.40pm Celebration assembly


Deputy Headteacher