Remote learning


Making remote learning work at home

All our remote learning is on the Our classes tab underneath your child's year group.

By logging on to TEAMS you are agreeing to all of these protocols.

Schools are most successful where a genuine partnership exists between children, teachers and parents/carers.

The online live and recorded sessions are for pupils’ personal use and are not to be shared with others e.g. on social media.


Home School Agreement The School:


  • will provide a Microsoft Teams and Purple Mash, which are safe and secure learning platforms, to communicate across.
  • will set clear rules and procedures for the communication.
  • will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute if they want to.
  • will take the lead in conversations.
  • will tell parents/carers if they feel something is inappropriate.
  • will not directly communicate to parents when speaking with students. This platform is for students and teachers to communicate and parents should continue to speak to the school office if they have any concerns.
  • will ensure students do not upload their photograph as a profile picture.


The Parents/Carers:


  • will ensure that their child has an appropriate quiet space to have the conversation with little distraction.
  • will supervise as they feel necessary at home.
  • will tell school if they feel that anything is inappropriate.
  • will ensure that their child is able to attend the conversation.
  • will only use the recorded session within the home and not share with others.


The Child:


  • will follow the rules and expectations.
  • will be suitably dressed (i.e. no pyjamas)
  • will be respectful to everyone in the conversation.
  • will tell their parents/carers and school if they feel anything is inappropriate.
  • will contribute to the conversations or just enjoy watching and listening.
  • KS2 children may use the chat function in Teams (if it is made available) and only when asked to do so by the class teacher.
  • will use Purple Mash for communicating with other pupils.
  • will not use a background.


Respect, Effort, Achieve, Challenge