Royal Shakespeare Company Associate School

This is our third year as an affiliate school on the RSC associate schools' programme. We were unable to take part in a festival in 2020, but in 2019 we took part in the following event.


“A Shakespeare Performance Festival”

by Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Schools

at Wixams Academy

Thursday 11th July 2019


Cultural Education is important for the growth of young people in our schools. A group of schools has come together to champion the power of Shakespeare in improving outcomes for our students. Pushing desks to one side, speaking the words aloud and exploring plays through techniques taken from the rehearsal room can achieve amazing results with all pupils.

On Thursday 11th July 2019, Wilstead Primary School, along with Wixams Academy, Pendragon Community Primary School, Kimbolton Primary Academy and Great Staughton Primary Academy will come together to share the learning that they have taken from their exploration of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Over the course of the afternoon, there will be performances from children of all ages, as well as a presentation of written work which shows the power of using rehearsal room techniques in the classroom.

This year we are continuing our programme by extending beyond Year 6. All classes will be involved and use part of a play that links with their curriuculum. Year 2 have just been shipwrecked as part of their Lost and Found learning. Whilst our work mainly focuses on the spoken word, their adventure with The Tempest has inspired the following writing and illustrations: