Please use either our contact form or the details below to get in touch with your child's class teacher or a member of the school administrative team.

Don't forget classroom doors are open from 8:40 if you want a quick chat with a teacher or for longer discussions you can make an appointment directly with the teacher or via the school office.
Partnership with parents is very important to us. Please do let us know if there is anything you think we should know and raise any concerns as they arise. We particularly value hearing about and celebrating any of your child's achievements outside of school.
  • Mrs E Samuels: Headteacher

    Designated teacher responsible for looked after children, Lead designated person for child protection, Educational Visits Coordinator, School Council
  • Mrs T Brown: Deputy Headteacher

    Designated person for child protection, Lead teacher for Pupil Premium, NQT Induction Tutor,

    Year 3 Jaguars Teacher Mon & Tues

  • Mrs N Willmore EYFS, YEar 1 and Pre school team leader

    Kittens Class Teacher (Foundation Stage), Pre-school liaison, FS Phase Leader

    Phonics subject leader

  • Mrs G Groves

    Mountain Lions Class Teacher (Year 6) Mon, Tues

    Team leader Year 3/4
    CPD lead
    Computing Subject leader. ECT mentor

Teaching Staff
  Cleaning Staff
  • Mrs Easter (Caretaker)

  • Mrs L Dove

  • Mrs Vincent

  • Miss S Flack

  • Miss Pavitt

  • Mrs T McClean

Teaching Assistants and Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs Dymott (HLTA)

  • Mrs Kerby (HLTA)

  • Mrs Shipp (HLTA)

  • Mrs Bailey (TA)

  • Miss Kate Bunch (TA)

  • Mrs Bygrave (TA)

  • Mrs Dunn (TA)

  • Mrs Easter (TA/LTS)

  • Miss Easter (TA/LTS)

  • Miss Flack (TA/LTS)

  • Mrs Foy (TA)

  • Miss Harrington (TA/LTS)

  • Mrs L Dove (TA/LTS)

  • Miss R Impey( TA)

  • Miss Rose (TA)

  • Miss Johnson (TA)

  • Mrs Killick (TA)

  • Mrs Martin (TA)

  • Mrs Mitchell (TA)

  • Mrs L Pritchard (TA/LTS)

  • Mrs Smith (TA/LTS)

  • Mrs Tyler (TA)

  • Mrs H Palfrey (TA)

  • Mrs L Fletcher( TA)

  • Miss G Walsh( TA)

  • Mrs Philo (TA)

  • Mrs Green (TA)

  • Mrs T McClean


  • Miss K Pavett


  • Mrs D Vincent


  • Mr P Winterbottom


Pre-School Staff
Kitchen Staff
  • Mrs K Scott

    Head of Kitchen

  • Mrs Y Wang


  • Mrs V Arbova


  • Mrs H Swinden