Statement of Purpose

At Pendragon Community Primary School we will develop children as learners.

Through strong positive partnerships between school, parents and the wider community: we will provide a stimulating, supportive and safe environment where all are happy, confident and committed to life-long learning.


The school’s motto and base for all aspects of school life (chosen by the pupils' school council) is: 
REACh - Respect, Effort, Achieve, CHallenge

School Expectations

Four main principles will drive our curriculum and be represented through every aspect of school life: 




Class Room





Computing Room

School Grounds


Respect equipment

Tidy Away



Raise hand to speak

Look at teacher

Be nice to friends

Respect teacher


Don’t drop food on floor


Talk quietly

Look after equipment

Polite to LTS

Listen to others

Keep it tidy

Sensible with equipment

Keep it clean and tidy

Flush the toilet

Talk quietly

Don’t block sink/toilet

Wash hands

Go in the toilet

Walk sensibly

Be quiet

Look after displays

Keep the corridor tidy

Pick up litter

Open & hold doors for others

Quiet voices

Share computers fairly

Put books back in the right place

Turn/log off

Leave the rooms tidy

Care for the environment

Keep them tidy

Play nicely

Put litter in the bin

Watch where you’re going when running

Play in the correct areas

Take care of equipment

Stick to rules of playground


Show good listening

Try to do our best

Stay on task

Support others

Work hard on      presentation

Keep trying – don’t give up

Try to beat goals

Try hardest at singing/PE

Help adults

Tidy up

Listen, look and watch the teacher

Use the toilets when going out to play or during break/lunch

Look after other people’s things

Tell an adult if you spot a problem

Turn off taps

Walk sensibly

Pay attention

Keep hands to ourselves

Show people around

Quiet for other people’s learning

Use the websites allowed

No drinks

Try new games

Play fairly

Put toys away

Walk on dragon before red line

Be kind to others

Stand still and no talking for hands up


HP for good effort/learning/behaviour

Try hard to finish

Get HP for good work in PE

Finish your food

Get a Friday award

Answer questions

Flush toilets

Wash hands

Turn off taps

Hang up clothes

Have a happy playtime

Everyone joins in

Be kind to others

Listen to adults


Challenge yourself

Choose harder challenge

Try something you can’t already to

Sing louder

Sing together

Be more active

Try new foods

Beat personal bests

Get better at singing

Keep quite

Never give up

Go quickly and quietly

Keep cloakroom tidy

Speed up when changing

Walk smartly

Read as many books as possible

Challenge yourself to read something new/different

Make new friends

Keep it tidy

Play a different game with different people

Beat your personal best for Golden Mile

Think positively/ Don’t give up