What your child will be learning about( school curriculum)

In Key Stages 1 and 2 we follow the National Curriculum and in the Reception year we focus on the Early Learning Goals that are set out in the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum. We have good links with the local preschools and nurseries.

We plan our curriculum in three phases. In the summer term we look at the work of each cohort and ensure a balanced long-term plan for each key stage. This indicates what topics are to be taught in each term, and to which groups of children.

With our medium-term plans, we give clear guidance on the objectives and teaching strategies that we use when teaching each topic. Our short-term plans are those that teachers write on a weekly or daily basis. We use these to set out the learning objectives for each session, and to identify what resources and activities we are going to use in the lesson.

At all Stages we try to link subjects either through a topic theme or by using the skills from one area of the curriculum to teach another. Over a year the emphasis given to each subject is balanced and each child has the opportunity to experience the full range of National Curriculum subjects.
The 'Our Classes' section of our website has more information on how the curriculum is delivered in each year group and class. The Class Link-Up leaflets on these pages include details of the areas pupils will focus on each term/half term and may contain further messages or requests from your child's class teacher.