Cows around Cambridge

Pendragon Community Primary School

We started with an assembly where we carefully unwrapped our mini moo. There was great excitement. We asked the children to suggest ideas for how we could decorate her. The children’s imaginations were taken up with dragons and scales inspired by our school name, Pendragon. The children really wanted our dragon cow to have a school jumper so we colour matched the paint exactly and as a dragon cow she obviously had to have flames coming from her nostrils! Finger prints became a way to create the scales of our dragon cow and involve all the children and staff.

 Small groups from each class helped to paint in the rest of the symbols. We christened our dragon cow, Ermine-trude as the main road through the village of Papworth is Ermine street.

 On Ermine-trude there are lots of plant leaves, this is because we have an environmental area we love to visit called ‘The Haven’ (little did we know when we were decorating our mini moo how much we would need our outdoor learning area during lockdown). The REACh symbol represents our motto-Respect, Effort, Achieve, Challenge.

 Everyone in the school is encouraged to show REACh through everything they do and we just had to included Ermine-trude!


 The heart represents our link to The Royal Papworth Hospital which until recently was in the village We have strong links to the hospital and our Y6 would go carol singing there at Christmas. The packet of crayons represents our diverse community.

 Our Friends of Pendragon helped raise funds for Ermine-trude and they were supported by some of our amazing local Papworth Everard community and businesses! We even had the support and donation from a wonderful ex-pupil.

 We are very excited to visit our cow for ‘Cows around Cambridge’ and then finally welcome her back here to inspire us in our curriculum work with maths estimation; inspiration for writing; geography challenges.

 We’ll be using our imaginations once again to see what we can use her for.