The School Day

Gates Open (Morning) 8.35am
School Starts 8.45am
Gate close (Morning) 8.50am 
Gates Open (Afternoon) 3.00pm
End of School Day 3.15pm 


Early Years/Years 1 & 2 10.15am - 10:30am
Years 3 & 4 10.15am - 10:30am
Years 5 & 6 10.15am - 10:30am


Early Years  11.50am - 1pm
Years 1 & 2  12noon  - 1pm
Years 3 & 4

12noon  - 1pm

Years 5 & 6 12noon  - 1pm
Foundation Stage
The side gate by Foundation stage opens at 8.40am for parents to bring their children in. Foundation Stage finish at 3.10pm so that you have time to walk around to the main playground to pick up other family members.
Late Arrivals
Children arriving after 8.55am should report to the school office where they will be required to sign into school as they will have missed registration and will be marked as late.


We hold daily assemblies. These vary in nature, with some focusing on a particular event or theme aimed at making the children think. Others might involve a guest speaker, centre around singing, be a class assembly or be a celebration of the achievements of the week.   

Getting to School

To get to and from school, walking is definitely the best option.  If you do need to travel by car please respect nearby residents and parking regulations in the village. We have lots of cycle storage on the path towards the main office.

Change of Collection

If someone other than the regular parent/carer will be collecting your child/children from school, please phone the school office to let us know of the change in arrangement in advance.