Year 3: Pumas and Leopards

Welcome to Year 3
Home Learning Activities
Use the links below to  access different home learning activities as part of our school homework policy.
In maths we are learning:
Step 1: Place Value and Regrouping 
Step 2: Counting On and Back in Ones, Tens and Hundreds
Step 3: Estimation, Magnitude and Rounding
Step 4: Measures – Comparison, Estimation and Magnitude
Step 5: Mental Fluency – Addition
Step 6: Mental Fluency – Subtraction
Step 7: Fact Families and Applying the Inverse
Step 8: Written Addition
Step 9: Written Subtraction
Step 10: Angles, Right Angles and Estimation
Step 11: Perpendicular and Parallel Lines, Vertical and Horizontal Lines
Step 12: 2-D Shape – Properties and Drawing
Step 13: Perimeter Including Problem Solving Using Written and Mental Methods