Year 3: Pumas and Leopards

Welcome to Year 3
Home Learning Activities
Use the links below to  access different home learning activities as part of our school homework policy.
In maths we are learning:
Multiplication: Step 1: Doubling and halving Step 2: Halving two-digit numbers Step 3: Associative law Step 4: Distributive law up to 10 x 10 Step 5: Distributive law for 2-digit numbers.
Statistics: Step 1: Making links between bar charts and pictograms Step 2: Completing pictograms from information provided Step 3: Interpreting and inferring information from pictograms (including multi-step questions).
Fractions: Step 1: Exploring unit fractions and non-unit fractions Step 2: Find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects Step 3: Find and write fractions as continuous quantities Step 4: A range of fraction worded problems including multi-step.