Our Staff

Leadership Team

Emily Samuels – Headteacher

Tracey Brown – Deputy Headteacher and Year 3/4 lead

Kathryn Dailly – SENDCo

Georgie Groves - Year 3/4 lead

Natalie Willmore - Early Years and Year 1/2 lead

Bea Jupe - Year 5/6 lead


Teaching Team

Pre School - Jaime Storar, Clare Taylor, Jessica Williams and Tina Allen

Reception - Natalie Willmore and Kirstie McLeod, Katie Clark MAT leave

Year 1 and 2 - Nicole Afonso, Sarah Taylor, Helen Westlake and Alicia Goodman

Year 3 - Niki Hart and Emma Cracknell

Year 4 - Stacey White MAT leave, Claire Garrick and Jane Ross

Year 5 – Claire Buck, Laura Safranek, Owen Edwards and Georgie Groves

Year 6 – Caroline Scott, Jane Huntley and Bea Jupe


Teaching Assistants


Linda Dymott

Julie Foy

Kerry Easter


Julie Killick, Donna Bygrave, Steph Easter, Kim Johnson, Cathy Dunn, Louise Pritchard, Becky Harrington, Becky Impey, Fran Martin, Kate Bunch, Penny Rose, Liz Tyler, Paul Winterbottom, Helen Palfry, Jackie Mitchell, Lisa Dove

Karen Smith - ELSA lead

Sally Flack - ELSA lead


Office and Site Team

Helen Birdsall – Finance Manager

Dianne Townsend – Office Administrator

Pamela Duff – Office Manager

Steph Easter – Caretaker


Lunchtime Team

Terri McClean – Lunchtime Supervisor

Denise Vincent – Lunchtime Supervisor

Kim Newman– Lunchtime Supervisor


Cleaning team

Steph Easter

Sally Flack

Lisa Dove

Kim Newman

Terri McClean

Denise Vincent


Employee salary information (earning over £100k per annum)

Maintained schools are now required to publish salary information on any employee earning over £100,000 per annum. 

All staff employed directly by the school are paid in accordance with the School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document (STPD) or National Joint Council (NJC) Terms & Conditions (support staff).  All salary levels are determined and reviewed annually by the Pay Committee of the Board of Governors.

Please see below the numbers of employees earning over £100,000 per annum:

Remuneration Band (£) Employees Earning over £100k
100,000 0