PE and Sports Premium

At Pendragon Community Primary School we constantly work to deliver the highest quality Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity opportunities for all our students. Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity are at the heart of our community and complements our learning and development.

Sports Provision

Visit the policy and guidance page for our PE policy. The curriculum pages give an overview of the variety of sports skills and games that are taught in school.  In addition, a variety of sports are offered after school in clubs and lessons which include football, dance, rugby, 'move-it', netball and cross country. 

Sports Premium Grant

Beginning in September 2013, the Government has allocated extra funding to schools in the form of the Sports Premium Grant. This grant is designed to build upon the work started during the London 2012 Olympics in promoting sporting participation to primary school children. This money was designed to be used to improve the delivery and quality of physical education provision within primary schools and to increase children’s participation in sporting events. Although it comes with certain guidelines, each school has been given responsibility for deciding how the grant is spent, in order to address their specific needs. The Sport Premium funding has and will continue to enhance the “pursuit of excellence” in Physical Education and Sport at Pendragon Community Primary School.

The grant is calculated based upon the number of pupils in Years 1-6 and those aged 5 in Foundation Stage at the time of the January census.