PE and Sports Premium

At Pendragon Community Primary School we constantly work to deliver the highest quality Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity opportunities for all our students. Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity are at the heart of our community and complements our learning and development.

Sports Provision

Visit the policy and guidance page for our PE policy. The curriculum pages give an overview of the variety of sports skills and games that are taught in school.  In addition, a variety of sports are offered after school in clubs and lessons which include football, dance, rugby, 'move-it', netball and cross country. 

Sports Premium Grant

For four academic years, beginning in September 2013, the Government has allocated extra funding to schools in the form of the Sports Premium Grant. This grant is designed to build upon the work started during the London 2012 Olympics in promoting sporting participation to primary school children. This money was designed to be used to improve the delivery and quality of physical education provision within primary schools and to increase children’s participation in sporting events. Although it comes with certain guidelines, each school has been given responsibility for deciding how the grant is spent, in order to address their specific needs. The Sport Premium funding has and will continue to enhance the “pursuit of excellence” in Physical Education and Sport at Pendragon Community Primary School.

The grant is calculated based upon the number of pupils in Years 1-6 and those aged 5 in Foundation Stage at the time of the January census.

Our PE aims:

  •  to deliver a broad variety of extra-curricular opportunities before school, at lunchtime and after school to engage all students in Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity.
  • to offer all our students competitive opportunities both within and beyond school in a wide range of sports.
  • to focus on the importance of developing an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • to run sport competitions and increasing participation in school games (Interhouse competition)
  • to develop sports leadership in our students
  • to work alongside a primary specialist teacher to help develop teaching and learning
  • to provide places for students on after school sport clubs and holiday clubs (Swavesey links)
  • to provide professional development opportunities for staff to enhance Physical Education and Sport
  • to work towards AfPE quality mark/Sainsbury’s sports mark. We have been awarded the Bronze Mark in Summer 2015.

Where We are Now and Where We are Going:


At Pendragon Community Primary School, we were keen to use this funding to increase our participation in sporting competitions. In 2013/14 we subscribed to the silver level package with the South Cambridgeshire School Sports Partnership (SCSSP) which provided us with several opportunities to take part in a number of competitions across a range of sports. As a result there was an increase in the number of SCSSP competitions the children took part in including tag rugby, mini tennis, mini Olympics and high 5 netball. The children at Pendragon found this experience very rewarding. As a result the children participated again in all these competitions in the following year (2014/15) and the cross country competition. This year (2015/16), we aim to compete in these competitions again and in addition  intend to enter 5-a-side football competitions, both as part of the county and with schools in our area. Some of the premium enabled us to send children to these competitions by covering the travel expenses.

We are keen to ensure that children at Pendragon Community Primary School receive a wide range of sporting opportunities both in school and as part of the after school activities which we offer. Through our SCSSP participation, all of our Year 4 children attend the annual Year 4 Mini Olympics in the Summer Term alongside primary schools from across the country. We also receive Bikeability support for all of Key Stage 2 to improve upon their cycling proficiency. We have seen  a noticeable difference  with childrens' safety on the roads in the village as a result of this.

Coaching and PE Specialists:

Using the Sports Premium Funding, we have also been able to employ an additional member of staff at lunch times to lead various sporting activities. Year groups were rotated to ensure that all children had the opportunity to take part. The pupils at Pendragon have thoroughly enjoyed having this member of staff as part of the team. As a result we have decided to continue this into the current academic year using this year’s funding.

As we continue with the new curriculum, having recently moved to mostly single year groups, and having seen the benefits of enlisting a PE specialist, we have prioritised using this year’s funding to access further support from SCSSP. We have sought to further improve the delivery of our physical education provision for all children by gaining the skills of a highly qualified and experienced Primary PE Specialist, to work in our school for half a day a week during each term. This specialist will spend half a term working alongside each of the year groups, team teaching and providing staff training.

He will also work alongside the PE coordinator to evaluate the effectiveness of the PE provision in the school in order to improve the provision and quality of Physical Education across the whole school. This is supported by our association with SCSSP, which provides us with access to professional development opportunities for all school staff members. The support from the PE specialist has been invaluable and has had a measurably positive impact upon; the quality of sport provision which our children were provided with, the confidence in staff when teaching, and the increasingly positive attitudes from pupils towards PE. Pendragon cannot wait to see further improvements thanks to the support available due to this funding provided.

Equipment and Raising the Profile:

At Pendragon we offer a wide range of sports-based after school clubs for our children, the uptake increased last year. Children are committed to these clubs and are highly enthusiastic about participating in them. In order to ensure that these clubs meet the needs and interests of our children, we engage in regular dialogue with both parents and pupils, changing the range of activities accordingly. These clubs include cross county, high five netball, tag rugby, football, rounders, just move (similar to change for life clubs run across the country) and dance. The funding enables us to ensure we have the appropriate equipment and resources required for these clubs.

In addition to this equipment, last year some of the premium was used to improve the quality of other sporting resources we had in the equipment cupboard. This year we have again budgeted to use some of the funding to maintain this equipment.

As a school we also wanted to encourage children’s sportsmanship and competitive attitude. Trophies and sports awards were purchased using the premium so that children at Pendragon and their sporting achievements could be celebrated.