How Can I Be Involved?

As a parent/carer of a Pendragon pupil you are already involved! Automatic membership for everyone.


How You Can Be Involved in the Committee


Attending any of our meetings and becoming a Committee member is welcomed - just drop us an email at so we can arranged to let you in the building! Being a Committee member involves helping to plan and organise events, activities and volunteers.

However, if you don’t want to join the committee, there are other ways in which you can help. Firstly, you can join our email distribution list for Helpers - we send out requests for help as and when needed and if you can help, then amazing! Usually, we're asking for 30 mins of your time to help run a stall or maybe to stuff envelopes, make hampers, do something crafty; but there are SO many skills you can help to enrich your child's educational experience:

  • Donate raffle prizes or cakes when requested
  • Buy the items Friends sells
  • Buy raffle tickets and sell them to your friends and family
  • Use to make your on line purchases (it's a cash back scheme that means Friends receive a donation every time you use it and it costs you NOTHING)
  • Use one of the label companies we are linked to (see below) for labelliing your child's uniform
  • Attend our events
  • See if your employer offers charity donations/match funding schemes/helping hand schemes - we can help you navigate this if you think your employer might run something.
  • Share our posts from our Facebook page
Help out when you buy on line
When you sign up to some schemes/buy from certain parties Friends receives a token payment. these token payments all add up. If you're looking for any of the following, please consider using our linked accounts to help raise even more money, while costing you no extra.
  • Toucan Boxes (craft box subscription scheme) sign up for a FREE trial and Friends receives £5 Use the link Toucan Free Trial
  • Buy your school uniform labels through Stikins  Stikins 
  • Download the app and buy your Amazon, eBay and other on line purchases through the app