Letter about September opening- example of what you have been sent

17th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers of FS to Year 5 (currently)


Our risk management plan has been approved by the Governing Body and now by the Local Authority (LA).  We have been told there will be a SAGE announcement in the W/c 17th August to confirm the return to school in September.  If there are any changes to the arrangements outlined below, we will be in touch in August.


We have opted to have year group bubbles but with the individual classes staying as separate as possible eg lunchtime and playtime.  Staff will work across both classrooms in the year group.

School will be using 4 different entrances, 2 start times and 3 finish times which will hopefully mean everyone can be in the right place at the right time to pick up and drop off their children.

In order for this to work, we are going to need your co-operation and support to ensure everyone arrives and leaves school safely.  

Therefore we have decided to only bring in half of the school on Thursday 3rd September and the other half on Friday 4th September, school will then open for all on Monday 7th September.

Our new starters in Foundation already have a different plan for the start of term and will follow that until Friday 18th September.  This will give the children and the staff an opportunity to come into school, work with the new rotas and having seen how well it works in Foundation- give everyone a chance ( for a day ) to really get to know each other.  Lockdown classes have really shown us the benefit of small groups!


We have organised the groups in Years 1-6 using family surnames so all the children in your household will attend either Thursday or Friday.  Everyone comes into school on Monday 7th September.


Your family group will attend school on ……see your own letter

We have restructured our school day so that instead of children arriving anytime from 8.40 am, your family will have a set school arrival time and one of 3 set family end of day times.  This will mean that teachers will not be available to chat before or after school as they will still have children with them. 


The information below outlines where your child needs to be and when, in order for them to safely stay in their bubble all day.  Staff will be outside every day to help to guide them to their new rooms and to you at the end of the day.



New school day timings for your family group:see your own letter

 What to wear to school

The children should come to school in school uniform On PE days the children need to come in their PE kit wearing their school sweatshirt or cardigan. The PE rota will be sent home when we return in September- there will be no PE on the 1st two days of term.


Reminders for the start of the day:

ü  Only one family member to drop off and pick up Years 1-6.  We know that in FS you will both want to come and see them start and Mrs Willmore has made arrangements for that

ü  Please remember to be socially distanced from all other parents at all times.

ü  Children must be on time to school so that we do not have congestion at the gate.

ü  The children need a water bottle- if your child does not have one in school with them, we will issue one to them at a cost of £1.Water fountains will not be in use.

ü  A school meal can be ordered as normal – dietary requirements will be catered for.  There is a fixed hot dinner menu for 4 days with a packed lunch on a Thursday.

ü  The children will need a hat to wear outside on sunny days- each bubble will have break times and lunchtimes in a specific zones outside.  There will be no mixing, even at playtimes.

ü  If it is going to be hot, please can you send in suntan lotion for your child to put on or apply it before they come to school.

ü  Please remember to bring a coat just in case it rains.

ü  If you wish to give a message to your child’s teacher, please email them directly.

ü  If you wish to speak to the office staff you will need to wait until after 9am as the front door is the entrance for a year group to arrive.

ü  Please bring any medication into school on your 1st day back – if this is new medication you will need to complete a form - please download a form from the school website or collect one from the office.


End of the day arrangements:

ü  Year 5 and 6 will leave through the green gate (access by the public footpath which runs along the back of the school field and the Haven)

ü  Year 4 will leave via the front entrance

ü  The parent picking up children from Years 1, 2 and 3 from the playground will need to stand in line at what will look like a bus stop with a colour on it to indicate which group you are in.  The children will be sent out to you and once you have them all you need to leave asap.

ü  Foundation will leave by their own entrance- more details to follow once they are all in full time


What will it be like in school:

ü  Once the classrooms are set up for September we will post some photographs for you to share with the children on our school website

ü  Doors  will be propped open at all times and windows will be open to increase ventilation

ü  Bins have lids and will be emptied more regularly and the toilets( they now all have lids) will be cleaned at lunchtime

ü  All staff in school are aware of what needs to be cleaned, and how often, during the day

ü  All the children will become very practised in washing their hands on entry, before break, after break, before lunch, after lunch, before they leave and if they sneeze. Don’t forget it has to be for 20 seconds!


If you have any questions about the arrangements outlined above, that need answering, before September, please send them to anyquestions@pendragon.cambs.sch.uk  and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

We are looking forward to seeing the children and working with them on our exciting new topics for the term ahead.


Miss Shaw