Letter from the Chair of Governors

7th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,
It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that after 18 years, Miss Shaw will be resigning from her post as Head Teacher at Pendragon Primary School.  Miss Shaw is planning to re-locate to Devon and has therefore taken the decision to retire from teaching, although will be remaining with us until the end of the 2022 summer term.
Miss Shaw has been an effective and committed Head of Pendragon. During her time with us, she has led and supported the team and ensured the continued success and development of our school from a small 6 class village school to a 14 class dynamic setting, which also includes the stewardship of the Pre-School. At the heart of everything she has accomplished is her passion for the children to have the best possible start to their education and to support them in developing life skills.

Whilst  Miss Shaw  will  be sorely  missed,  her  retirement  will  begin  a  new  chapter  in the  life  of  the  school  and the Governing Body has started the recruitment process for a new Head Teacher. We will be looking for a strong candidate to take over the position of Head. We do however wish to highlight that Miss Shaw will continue to lead the school until the end of the summer term, and school life will continue as usual.
On behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to thank Miss Shaw for her hard work, commitment and dedication to the achievements and progress of the children at Pendragon Primary School. We will be sorry to lose her and look forward to continuing to work with her over the next two terms.
Yours sincerely,

Babs Nichols

Chair of Governors