4th September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I am sure you are wondering why you have not had any messages from us as the start of school approaches.  Unfortunately, we have been sending you messages – and none of them have been delivered which is why you are getting this on a Saturday morning.

We are all looking forward to seeing you on Monday.  As I said at the end of term we are back to a more normal routine.

Year 1-6 can come into school from 8.40am until the gates are closed at 8.55am when we have registration. Foundation stage to 4 come into school from the Varrier Jones Drive entrances and Year 5 and 6 come in using the green gate which can be accessed from the public footpath at the bottom of the field.  All staff will be out on the playgrounds on Monday to make sure everyone gets to their new classroom and teacher.

Foundation Stage have got their own gate and their own start of term arrangements ( Monday group B 9-11.30am and Group A 12.30-3pm).  If you need another copy of the letter please contact the school office or Mrs Willmore.

At the end of the day, the children will leave school through the gates they came in by.  After school care clubs will be waiting in the hall to collect the children, your childminder will have let you know where they will be picking up your children.

Years 1-6 finish at 3.15pm and you can come onto the playground from 3.05pm.  There is plenty of space for everyone.  The room order starts with year 1 , then year 2 , year 3 on the corner and then 3 and 4 around the rear of the building so staff will bring those children around to you.  Please wait on the main playground for the children.

No one will have PE on Monday so we will expect them all in school wearing their uniform.  Teachers will let you know PE days next week, as for the moment we will continue to ask you to send the children into school wearing their kit on PE days.

We are not having the bubble structure in school- we are allowed to sing and can use the hall for indoor PE.  The children will be eating in the hall although we have decided to keep the number of children in the hall for lunch,  outside at break and lunch to only 2 year groups at a time. Assemblies will be staying online.  I have attached a new flowchart to explain what happens if you or your child tests positive for COVID or shows symptoms.  If in doubt, please keep your child at home or give us a ring to talk about it.  The new guidance is very different so it is something for us all to get used to.

To make sure we don’t break the system again, the new lunch menus will come out later today but our catering company have already informed us that the menus may need to change as they are struggling to source all the options but we will let you know of any menu changes once Mrs Scott our caterer has received her orders. Monday’s hot choice is meat free ‘southern style’ Quorn burger and a packed lunch choice of ham or cheese.

Once again, can I say sorry about the lack of communication, we have been unaware that our messages have not been leaving school as the computer said yes.  I will be checking emails over the weekend so if you have any questions I haven’t answered and you need to know before Monday please email head@pendragon.cambs.sch.uk.

Have a good weekend

Miss Shaw